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Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia- Morelia International Film Festival

By Huicho The Morelia International Film Festival (FICM, for its acronym in spanish) is about to turn 7  and has quickly become one of the most important film  festivals in Mexico. We can

Globos de Cantoya National Contest in Paracho

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez @mexatua Globo de Cantoya is a big balloon made out of thousands of china paper sheets (from 4 to 2000+) impelled to the sky by a hot device.

The Undiscovered Treasures of Michoacan

By John K. Glaab, CIPS Michoacan is a picturesque and culturally diverse, Mexican state. It has tall pine trees and mountains to the east and a Pacific coastline, parts of which are

Morelia the Cultural Jewel in Michoacan

By Lucille Arneson When I decided to retire, I knew I wanted some kind of an adventure offering different prospects of activity. When in college, I studied French; it seemed a natural,

Mexatua Tour Day 4: Discovering Tzintzuntzan

By Lucille Arneson Visit to Templo de Santiago in Tupataro On our last day of the tour, after finishing our Continental breakfasts at the hotel, we found ourselves on the way to

Mexatua Tour Day 3: Discovering Santa Clara del Cobre

By Lucille Arneson Santa Bárbara, community Project in Patzcuaro Our first visit to a property site on day three took us to the Santa Barbara community project on the outskirts of Patzcuaro.

Reflections on living with violence in Mexico

By Linda Pierce, As I write this, I hear the sound of helicopters overhead from my house 2 blocks from the main plaza in Morelia. It is been a frequent sound all

Mexatua Tour Day 2: Discovering Zirahuen

By Lucille Arneson Zirahuén Forest and Resort After a Continental breakfast at the Hotel Xandesti, we set out for our second day exploring the area, first going to the Zirahuén Forest and

Mexatua Tour Day 1: Discovering Patzcuaro

By Lucille Arneson Mexatua Real Estate sponsored a four-day tour of properties for sale in the environs of Patzcuaro led by the owner-broker, Liliana Gonzalez. Day 1 Hostal Xandesti Our first stop

Morelia World Heritage Site

By Liliana Rodriguez Before the Spanish Conquer, the region that is now Morelia was known as Guayangareo valley and it was inhabited by a native group called the pirindas. The city was

Tour to Discover Patzcuaro, Zirahuen, Santa Clara and Tzintzuntzan

Mexatua invited a select group of journalists who write for different magazines and newspapers about interesting topics for an English-speaking audience- foreigners living in Mexico or those planning to move in to

Talk to me about retiring in Mexico

Read a lot of comments from foreigners living in the Patzcuaro and Morelia area. Below are comments and thoughts from people that I have had the honor to meet. A lot of

Foreigner´s Will in Michoacan

Mexico´s formal name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States). The United Mexican States are a federation of thirty-one free, sovereign, autonomous and independent states, and the Federal District. All states have

Real estate procedures in Mexico

Real estate procedures are very different in Mexico, than in USA or another country. There is no “escrow procedure” or “Title” companies, neither “house inspections” before you buy.Whether you buy directly from