Mexatua Tour Day 2: Discovering Zirahuen

In our way to Zirahuén Forest and Resort, we were treated to soft drinks and marshmallows.

In our way to Zirahuén Forest and Resort, we were treated to soft drinks and marshmallows.

By Lucille Arneson

Zirahuén Forest and Resort

After a Continental breakfast at the Hotel Xandesti, we set out for our second day exploring the area, first going to the Zirahuén Forest and Resort. The only quick and easy way to get there is by boat across the deep blue, clean waters of Lake Zirahuén, a most beautiful lake, surrounded by forests of many shades of green. While bobbing in the boat, we were treated to soft drinks and marshmallows. I chose a Coca Cola, because of its ability to quiet a squeamish stomach! Just in case! But all remained calm! When we landed on the other side of the lake, many different fruits and juices were waiting for us. I ate a tasty kind of plum, which I had not ever encountered before.

One can indulge in bicycling or hiking through the forest, or more exciting, there were horses all saddled and ready to go, if you had the urge. Other activities here include getting harnessed up and attached to a cable to go careening on high across the lake. That?s for those not seeking quietude.

The owner has built around eight rental cabins, called “Dos Aguas” in Spanish, in English, we call them “A-Frames”. In Spanish, the name means very descriptively that rain water runs down both sides of the structure. These charming, furnished Dos Aguas have little kitchens, bathrooms, dining, and living room areas with sofas that open to provide sleeping space downstairs, and each has a bedroom upstairs. They can house four people per cabin.

There is also a good sized, nicely furnished and decorated house for rent with large kitchen, dining room, living room, both with fire places, bedroom and bath downstairs and three bedrooms with baths upstairs.

It´s a perfect place for anyone wanting to seek solitude and quietude away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Stephen L. Weybright House

Wasting no time after landing back on the shore from where we began, we set off to visit the Steve Weybright House located in the center of Zirahuén on Nicolas Bravo Street. This is a charming house with a good sized kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms, one bath, and four-car parking. There is also a small guest house, an adobe warehouse, and a large garden and patio on the property, which consists of 1500 square meters. The main house has hot water heated floors and rain-water collection system. Built on a hill, there is some view of Lake Zirahuén. The garden area has several trees, shrubs, and flowers that make the garden and patio a pleasant place for activities. The house is four years old

Before leaving Steve´s house, we were served those wonderful little fishes called ?charales?, which are deep fried, salsas, tortillas, and soft drinks.

Present Moment Retreat

At our third stop for the day, we found ourselves deep in the woods visiting Tom Morisette´s construction under way for his new Present Moment Retreat. This appeared to me to be quite an ambitious undertaking. The main building, to be finished on the outside with stone called ?gold stone? has a few months to go before being completed. It?s going to be a handsome structure that will be living quarters and office for the business. There will be a large building for meetings and rental cabins provided for attendees to the retreat services, which will begin when the buildings are completed.

This property is not for sale, but he has another parcel of land nearby that is for sale. Needless to say, this wooded area with some view of the lake is priceless in terms of its beauty.

Beautiful rustic Lot in Zirahuen (called Paraño)

Beautiful 128,991 sq ft lot (118 ft width by 1,093 feet deep)located in Zirahuen. It is inside Salvador Escalante municipality in Michoacan. This lot has a beautiful view towards Lake Zirahuén and it is full of trees.

Chalet Cerrito Colorado in Zirahuen

If you thought that was enough property viewing for one day, you?re wrong! Here is number four! Perched above the Carreterra Zirahuén ? Santa Clara stands a lovely red house with a large patio deck with outdoor grill. It has a kitchen, dining and living room area with fire place, two bedrooms, two baths on two levels, a cistern, and parking for 10 cars. It sits on a huge lot with a view of the lake, and measures 22,000 square meters (236,720 square feet). The garden encompasses 5,000 square meters (53,8000 square feet). The house is 30 years old and is in good condition.

The owner treated us to cheese quesadillas, then we had a simply delicious lunch of home cooked chicken mole, hand-made tortillas, rice, beans, relishes, and salsas. With that, we were willing to call it a day, but we moved on to the next property instead!

Fraccionamiento Villas del Sol

After the wonderful experience on the Carreterra Zirahuén – Patzcuaro we moved on to our fifth property for the day, a housing development up in the hills overlooking central Patzcuaro with views of Lake Patzcuaro and the surrounding hills and mountains. This area is so enchanting, I understand why many people are drawn to it as the ideal place to live and carry out their dreams.

We viewed a house, which stands on 264 square meters and is now for sale in the development Villas del Sol. This fraccionamiento has all the necessary services for building already installed including cobbled streets. The views from the property are spectacular in every direction. One can purchase a lot and have a house built to his specifications at very reasonable prices. There is much value in property located here. I expect this area to move very quickly at the prices quoted. I don?t know of any place in U.S. where one can find all these features at these prices: fabulous views of Lake Patzcuaro, hills and mountains; and plumbing; electricity; and cobbled streets already there.

Tranvía Parakat Urapiti

After viewing the property at Villas del Sol, Mexatua Real Estate took us for a ride around Patzcuaro on the Tranvía Parakat Urapiti trolley. Having come from San Francisco, CA, this seemed like home to me, as the trolley looked like the trolley cars still in use in San Francisco. We covered quite a lot of territory and our guide pointed out all the important points of interest, such as the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Salud, Plaza Vasco de Quiroga, Plaza Gertrudis Bocanegra. From there, we moved on to the sixth property of the day.

Casa Colonial en el Centro de Patzcuaro

The builder, Camerino Rodríguez, handled the construction of this Colonial style house, at Corregidora 9, according to the design submitted by Liliana Gonzalez. Here you will find another excellent design by Liliana. The two-story house sits on a lot of 150 square meters and contains 200 square meters (2,152 square feet) of living space. A list of the building materials used includes adobe, wood in pillars and beams, red tile (teja) roofs, stone (cantera), and the much desired tejamanil ceiling of classical Mexican architecture, which is a pleasing design of overlapping strips of pine

The first floor has a well designed layout with a kitchen cooking center open to the dining room and a good sized living room with fireplace. Also, on the first floor is a bedroom suite with large closet and bath that could be used as an office. On the second floor, there are actually two master bedrooms!, but one has a balcony, so I call that the number one master bedroom. They both have large walk-in closets, private baths with showers, and number one has a Jacuzzi tub. The laundry room with washer and dryer hook-ups is conveniently located on the second floor

The stairway with its colorful Talavera tile rises from the first floor to the roof, where you will find a large roof terrace with grill.

This house comes with many pluses made possible by an American engineer guaranteeing grounded/polarized electrical outlets, appropriate amperage, phone and computer hook-ups. It´s in a great location close to a market, four blocks from the main plaza, three blocks from the bus station, and two blocks from the main road, which circles the city.

After our tour of the house, the Mexatua Team served us dinner, a very good baked sandwich with cheese, ham, onion, and topped with an egg and cheese whip, accompanied by wine.

(This article was first published in October 2008 in my old website).

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