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Have you registered your Cell Phone in Mexico?

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez @mexatua All mexican cell phones must be registered by April 10th 2010. The process is very easy for Mexicans, all it takes is to send a Message with

2 x 1 Christmas special to have your WILL done in 2010

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez @mexatua I ran across a good friend yesterday morning in the COSTCO parking lot in Morelia. We caught up and had a nice talk. Before we left she

What you should do if you have a property for rent or lease in México?

  By Liliana Elena Gonzalez @mexatua If you own property in México and you need to rent it out, I have some suggestions  to help you being protected in case something goes

10 Reasons why you should hire an attorney when you purchase property in Michoacan

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez @mexatua Unless you’re significantly experienced in the buying process and you speak Spanish fluently and you are familiar with legal paperwork, it will be wise to hire a

A Big Step Forward in the Real Estate Industry in Mexico

By Liliana Gonzalez I am so happy, I am overhelmed with emotion! Again, I am feeling butterflies in my stomach just like I felt when I got my attorney’s license in 1979.

An Historic Day in Mexican Real Estate

August 27th will be a mile stone, in Mexican Real Estate.

Foreigner´s Will in Michoacan

Mexico´s formal name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States). The United Mexican States are a federation of thirty-one free, sovereign, autonomous and independent states, and the Federal District. All states have

Real estate procedures in Mexico

Real estate procedures are very different in Mexico, than in USA or another country. There is no “escrow procedure” or “Title” companies, neither “house inspections” before you buy.Whether you buy directly from