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7 Cities and Towns in the State of Michoacan

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez @mexatua Morelia Morelia is the beautiful colonial capital city of the state of Michoacan. It’s located in the Mexican southwest part. The population is around one million. Patzcuaro

Wonderful Climate All Year Round in Tzintzuntzan

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez @mexatua In the process of selling, we get thousands of questions about the weather in certain area. I always ask owners to reply to that question. So I

Buyer´s Paradise (Hey Investors, Have Your Wallets Ready!)

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez @mexatua After I show you some numbers, you are going to fight for this property. But, before I tell you more about it, I want you to answer


By Liliana Elena Rodríguez It was a very nice Sunday morning when we arrived to the hotel Fiesta Inn in Morelia. There we met a lively realtor’s group which was very excited

A Glimpse of Michoacan: real estate tour of the area surrounding Morelia.

By John Glaab “A Glimpse of Michoacan” was an added attraction to the Annual Conference of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professions. (AMPI). The event was a real estate tour of

A Glimpse of Michoacan, an area where there is much growth and potential.

By Linda Neil Tour agenda: DEPARTURE TIME: 8:00 a.m. Lobby, Hotel Fiesta Inn, Morelia. We will travel ten to fifteen minutes to a home in the historic center of Morelia where we

Why Michoacan will become Mexico’s #1 retirement destination

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez @mexatua Join Linda Neil and me in the one day tour & realtors®  networking session Glimpse of Michoacán, the Real México! Why is Michoacán unique and why should a

Noche de los Muertos Day of the dead celebration in Tzintzuntzan

As October comes to a close, the little pueblo of Tzintzuntzan begins it’s preparations for one of its biggest festivals – Noche de los Muertos. Everyone in town is busy, flowers are

$153k Lake Front, 4 bed/2500 sq ft home in Tzintzutnzan

Beautiful Mexican country home located in exclusive zone of waterfront properties in Tzintzuntzan. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet of lakeside living, only 5 minutes from Quiroga, 15 from Patzcuaro

The Undiscovered Treasures of Michoacan

By John K. Glaab, CIPS Michoacan is a picturesque and culturally diverse, Mexican state. It has tall pine trees and mountains to the east and a Pacific coastline, parts of which are

Mexatua Tour Day 4: Discovering Tzintzuntzan

By Lucille Arneson Visit to Templo de Santiago in Tupataro On our last day of the tour, after finishing our Continental breakfasts at the hotel, we found ourselves on the way to

Tour to Discover Patzcuaro, Zirahuen, Santa Clara and Tzintzuntzan

Mexatua invited a select group of journalists who write for different magazines and newspapers about interesting topics for an English-speaking audience- foreigners living in Mexico or those planning to move in to

Tzintzuntzan, the city of humingbirds

By Liliana Rodriguez HISTORY The City of Hummingbirds (translated from Purepecha to English) was the capital and the most important ceremonial center of the Purepecha Empire, because this place was were all