Tour to Discover Patzcuaro, Zirahuen, Santa Clara and Tzintzuntzan

(This article was first published in October 2008 in my old website).

Mexatua organized a tour around Patzcuaro, Zirahuen, Santa Clara and Tzintzuntzan. We invited a select group of journalists who write for different magazines and newspapers about interesting topics for an English-speaking audience-foreigners living in Mexico or those planning to move in to our country.

Mexatua tour October 2008
Left to right: Chela, John, Jim, Liliana, Karin, Megan, Noah, Lucille, Magdalena and Linda.

Lic. Liliana Elena Gonzalez Castro, director of Mexatua, invited a group of enthusiastic businesswomen and businessmen to sponsor some of the activities of this successful tour:


Read journalists comments just before they left home last Wednesday:

This was a fascinating exposure to the artisans, entrepreneurs, history, culture and modern development of Patzcuaro and many nearby towns and areas. Thanks to Liliana Gonzalez and the staff of Mexatua for organizing such a comprehensive tour.

Jim Pierce

For a journalist this has been the best sort of promotional tour. You have made us comfortable, wrapped us in luxury, filled our days with fascinating people and visits that not only informed us about real estate, but gave us perspective on the culture, identity, hopes and dreams of people in this gorgeous region. Best of all, you encouraged us to form our own impressions of everything we saw.

Megan Rorick Smith

Although I did not participate in the entire tour, the parts I was involved in were very informative and enjoyable!.

Noah Brimhall

The tour exceeded my expectations. It was well organized. I have lived in Michoacan 14 years and visited a lot of the places, but I learned more about each place. Excellent opportunities for investment!.

John Glaab

This tour went deep into local culture, including introducing us to a fascinating assortment of highly innovative, bright, Mexican holistic entrepreneurs, meaning they care deeply about the communities, not just their own communities and they also care about their workers.

Linda Pierce

Liliana, you planned and carried out a very good campaign to educate potencial buyers to think about investing in Mexico. You presented well the issues of the communities, the people working and struggling in the middle of the financial problems facing Mexico. In reality, many of these issues affect the rest of the world. You did a superb job in every aspect of your organizing this wonderful experience for us to see what is happening in Mexico and what the possibilities are. We all enjoyed tremendously all of the things you put before us. You have a calling! Muchos abrazos,


Here are my comments about the tour:
(1) The tour provided:
a) visits to an excellent mix of active urban and rural real estate listings in a range of prices
b) relevant and inspirational information about the history and culture of the area,
c) social interaction with interesting and involved service providers in town or village, and
d) spirited presentations and conversations with Mexicans and Americans who are making a difference in the well-being of these communities.
(2) Group travel and meal times provided space and time for engaged conversations between interesting and engaging participants….enriching for all concerned;
(3) Tour leaders demonstrated excellent management of situations when things did not go according to plan.
(4) I came away with a deepening of my love and respect for the Patzcuaro area….and gratitude for the fact that I already live here!!
(5) This is the first time I have been in a tour situation in which everyone was clearly having a good time all of the time! (you can not do better than that!)

Therefore, your effort will manifest results….but likely will require patience. Thanks for a great experience.


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