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Real Estate Institute Launched in Mexico

By John K. Glaab, CIPS Global Mexico Real Estate Institute was recently formed by a group of high profile Mexican REALTORS. It is a bi-lingual, bicultural organization dedicated to delivering international education

Accredited Buyer Representative ABR® course in Cabo San Lucas

By John K. Glaab, CIPS Twenty nine of the top REALTORS in Baja California Sur are in class, today. They are taking the National Association of Realtors® course Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) 

Latin America’s Illuminated City Gets More lights

By John K. Glaab, CIPS Morelia is more than the political capital of Michoacan. It is also the cultural center. In 2003, the city embarked on an activity,” Plan Luz.” Buildings and

Realtors® Congregate In Washington

By John K. Glaab, CIPS More than 8,000 members of The National Association of Realtors® met in Washington, D.C. for the mid year meetings held each year in May. While most were

Pirekuas y La Cocina Purepecha – Patrimonio Cultural de La Humanidad

By John K. Glaab, CIPS If you drive across the meseta (plateau) Purhepecha and around Lake Patzcuaro, both in the state of Michoacan, you will pass through many interesting villages. These have

A City Within a City

By John Glaab,CIPS A mega project is underway in Morelia, the state capital of Michoacan. According to developer Francisco Medina, the commercial component at Altozano, it will be the largest in Latin

A Glimpse of Michoacan: real estate tour of the area surrounding Morelia.

By John Glaab “A Glimpse of Michoacan” was an added attraction to the Annual Conference of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professions. (AMPI). The event was a real estate tour of

A Glimpse of Michoacán, the real México!

By John Glaab On Sunday, October 11th, a group of realtors will get “ a glimpse of Michoacan.” They will come from Mexico and places outside such as Texas. The tour has

Why Michoacan will become Mexico’s #1 retirement destination

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez @mexatua Join Linda Neil and me in the one day tour & realtors®  networking session Glimpse of Michoacán, the Real México! Why is Michoacán unique and why should a

The Undiscovered Treasures of Michoacan

By John K. Glaab, CIPS Michoacan is a picturesque and culturally diverse, Mexican state. It has tall pine trees and mountains to the east and a Pacific coastline, parts of which are

An Historic Day in Mexican Real Estate

August 27th will be a mile stone, in Mexican Real Estate.