An Historic Day in Mexican Real Estate

By John K. Glaab, CIPS

Last year the Mexican Department of Education (SEP) recognized real estate as a profession. On August 27th 2008, more than 400 real estate professionals, in ten different cities, across the nation will take a four hour examination. Those who have registered have already met the necessary prerequisites. Passing the exam represents the next step towards receiving a degree in Mexican real estate. The exam will be given under the aegis of CENEVAL (The National Evaluation Center for Higher Education.) and has been organized and promoted by the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI).The test will cover subjects such as appraisals, titles, contracts, construction aspects, property administration, taxes, fiduciary relationships and professional ethics. It consists of 177 questions and is considered to be the equivalent of a U.S. or Canadian broker exam.

Jorge Aguilar, President of the AMPI, Morelia Section, made this observation,In the future, when a Mexican licensed agent shows a property that is for sale, the buyer can have confidence that all documents, including the title are in order, and the other documents including proof against liens and taxes have been reviewed by their agent. The consumer can have a high level of confidence about making the purchase.

John K. Glaab,
*Certified International Property Specialist

(This article was first published in August 2008 in my old website).

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