We Purchased a Home Online

FeedbackLiliana Gonzalez is simply amazing!

If you can believe it, we purchased a home that she designed and built, and we bought it “online”. We had seen photos but were knocked out when we walked through the home for the first time…it was much more than we expected. Her handling of the transaction was flawless and the closing process made very easy. Her professionalism and integrity is unsurpassed. If you are shopping for a home in the Patzcuaro or Morelia area, she is the one you need to contact. Buying in a foreign country (I’m from the U.S.) can be a very difficult process, but Liliana made it a breeze!

John Gillespie
Las Vegas, USA


REBPMsThis book has first hand information about purchasing property in Michoacán or “everything you always wanted to know about buying real estate in Michoacán but did not know who to ask”. It is intended to help buyers and sellers to understand the real estate purchase process in Michoacan.

Liliana takes you by the hand and gives you an insight about the real estate market in some areas of Michoacán along with procedures and taxes. This book shows you all facets of real estate transactions in Michoacan (very similar in all Mexico) starting with the Mexican legal system, interesting places to buy (invest) in Michoacan all the way to preparing a WILL.

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