The Most Competent Attorney in the Patzcuaro and Eronga area

I would like to recommend Lic. Liliana Elena Gonzalez Castro as the most competent attorney that I have ever done business with in the Patzcuaro and Eronga area.

My father was an engineer working in Mexico in the 50’s and we have owned property in Mexico City and Michoacan since then. The variety of Licenciados, Notarios and managers we have encountered over those years has been myriad and Mexico must be one of the hardest countries to do business in.

Six months ago, we hired Lic. Liliana to handle a very complicated rental matter and I have the utmost respect for the way she was able to bring the parties together, insist on an equitable resolution and then actually enforce the agreement.

Negotiation is experienced as a high art in Mexico with all of the subtleties and egos that normally makes the process endless…It takes a truly talented, smart and experienced person to cut through this and actually achieve the result. Lic. Liliana is that smart, talented, experienced person that we will continue to impose on to represent us. I have authorized Lic. Liliana to share my contact information on an individual basis, so if you would like, please call or email me.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Randell Mayers
Wyoming, USA

This book has
first hand information about purchasing property in Michoacán or “everything you always wanted to know about buying real estate in Michoacán but did not know who to ask”. It is intended to help buyers and sellers to understand the real estate purchase process in Michoacan.

Liliana takes you by the hand and gives you an insight about the real estate market in some areas of Michoacán along with procedures and taxes. This book shows you all facets of real estate transactions in Michoacan (very similar in all Mexico) starting with the Mexican legal system, interesting places to buy (invest) in Michoacan all the way to preparing a WILL.

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