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A True Professional and Very Knowledgeable in Mexican Real Estate Law

When my wife and I decided to travel to Michoacan to look for a home, we did not know anyone in the area. Browsing through listings on the internet, we found Mexatua

A realtor, an attorney, and bilingual.

Who can you trust? It’s a difficult matter for ex-pats to find capable service providers and contractors in Mexico. More difficult to find this competence and professionalism in a bilingual attorney. Finding

The most complex transaction my husband and I have witnessed.

Liliana Gonzalez is one of those rare people who combine knowledge, competence, and determination. But most important, when working with Liliana, you know she is looking out for your best interest. We

Communication is often the key to success.

In this sluggish economy with a surfeit of houses on the market, I had the good fortune to avail myself of the services of Liliana Gonzalez and Mexatua Real Estate. Thanks to

The whole process was painless for us.

My husband and I first came into contact with Liliana Gonzalez in the Fall of 2005 when we were looking for a rental in Patzcuaro for the month of February 2006. We

We could not have had a better realtor/attorney there in Mexico.

My husband and I would recommend very highly Liliana Gonzalez. She recently completed a very difficult transaction for us and handled all the bumps with great professionality and aplomb. Many problems arose

The purchase of real estate by Americans a breeze.

Five years ago while vacationing in Mexico, my wife and I discovered Michoacan and in particular the picturesque and tranquil Patzcuaro area. We thought this piece of paradise on earth would be

We looked at real estate in Patzcuaro.

Liliana and her associates Ricardo and Jesus have been very helpful to us in Patzcuaro where we looked at real estate there and in surrounding areas. They are willing and patient to

Our house purchase in Patzcuaro easy, hassle-free, and even fun.

Working with Liliana made our house purchase in Patzcuaro easy, hassle-free, and even fun. As an attorney, she proofread everything, corrected mistakes made by the Notario’s office, and made certain all paperwork

Managing complex Mexican business transactions

Already recognizing the magic of Pátzcuaro, the “down-to-earth” experience also became magical when, at the end of a day of looking at available houses, Liliana took us to see her first “project.”

Daily attention given to all closing concerns

In the State of Michoacan, Mexatua Realty proved most professional, and displaced most concerns of buying foreign property by insuring a lien-free deed via a reputable notario, while using Title-Search methods taken

A lawyer versed in Mexican real estate law

“Buying a house in Mexico seemed like a daunting task (well, actually it was). However, with the expertise of Liliana our fears were greatly diminished. Not only is she a lawyer versed

I just bought a lot with a wonderful view of Lake Zirahuen

“I just bought a lot with a wonderful view of Lake Zirahuen. You could call it paradise. I don’t think I would have been able to find this location without the help

Liliana held my hand through the whole transaction of buying property

Even though Liliana Gonzales represented the seller of the house I bought, I felt as though she were representing me. She took plenty of time to keep me informed of the process,

I knew I'd found what I'd been seeking

After researching Mexico on the Internet, my wife and I were interested in the Patzcuaro area as a possible retirement spot. I corresponded with real estate broker/attorney Liliana Gonzalez of Michoacan Real