Yearly Taxes (predial) for your Property in Michoacan

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez


It is time to Pay “predial” (yearly taxes) for your property in Michoacan.

There are several places to pay predial in Morelia: Banks, Internet with a credit or debit card, Oxxo and Cosntrurama stores, Caja Morelia Valladolid´s branches and Tesorería´s offices. Here is the step by step procedure:

1.- Go to

2.- Click on the red box at right “En Enero y Febrero de 2010”

3.- Enter your info in the next window and click “consultar” button.

4.- Print your receipt if you are going to pay in other location different from Tesoreria.

5.- Click “Paga en linea con BBVA” to use your credit card and follow intructions.

See a complete list of payment locations in Morelia and surroundings.

Image credits: H. Ayuntamiento de Morelia

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