XII International Film Festival in Morelia

By Liliana Elena González


The 12th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) will take place October 17 through 26, 2014. This Festival started in 2003 to promote the Mexican cinema´s new proposals. It´s main scenario is the colonial city of Morelia, but it also has activities and shows at Emperador Caltzontzin Theatre in Patzcuaro and Mexico City.

During the festival, movies from the four official competitive sections will be screened in addition to a selection of films from the International Critics’ Week section of the Cannes Film Festival. There will be premieres of national and international films, conferences, Homages to outstanding members of the film industry, workshops and special events. The whole schedule will be announced few days before the festival starts.

10 International Festivals in MoreliaThe Festival has four official sections in competition: Mexican Short Film, Mexican Documentary, Mexican Feature Film and Michoacán Section. There are 41 Mexican Short Film, 24 Mexican Documentaries, 12 Mexican Feature Film, 10 Michoacán Section films and 19 Online Mexican Short Film for this year.

Exhibitions will take place in Downtown Cinepolis and Cinepolis Las Americas. Films start on time, seats are limited, so arrive early. After the film, there is a questions and answers sessions with filmmakers and the audience.

Free exhibitions will be held at Casa Natal de Morelos auditorium, Aula Mater of the Universidad Michoacana, and outdoor shows at Plaza Benito Juárez.

Also, the Festival honors every year an important figure of Mexican cinema from the state of Michoacán. This year festival´s homage is to Jesús Monge Ramírez aka Chucho Monge. He is the author of the famous song “México lindo y querido”. His has credits in about 135 mexican movies.

There are tickets for sale to attend movies (40 pesos per person, 80 pesos VIP, or 140 per 4 tickets/2 VIP). Conferences, round tables and exhibitions are usually free of charge and don’t require a ticket. However, seating is limited, so arrive early because seats are assigned on a “first come, first served” basis. For the opening and closing events an invitation is required

For more info & tickets, visit the Festival´s website.

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