Wonderful Climate All Year Round in Tzintzuntzan

TzintzuntzanBy Liliana Elena Gonzalez


In the process of selling, we get thousands of questions about the weather in certain area. I always ask owners to reply to that question. So I am sharing with you the answer by Espiritu Libre Cabin´s owner : How´s the weather like in Tzintzuntzan?

The weather in general….in the winter, daytime temperatures are usually in the mid 70’s F. It is very rare for the temperature to be less than 70, and when it is, it is in the 60’s. This is only a few days out of the winter, mostly it is sunny and in the 70’s. At night, in winter, it is usually around 40, on the coldest mornings it may be 35, but that is also rare, it is almost alway around 40 and then warms usually to 75.

In the spring, the night and morning temperature is usually around 50 to 60 degress, and it will warm into the 80’s. It is rare that daytime temperatures would be higher than 85, it is never as hot as Morelia for example. More typical, like today, the temperature in the spring time is about 80 to 85.

In the summer, the nights and mornings are the same as spring, usually around 60 degress, and the daytime is usually a little cooler than spring, in the high 70’s, like 78 to 80 degrees F. It is rarely warmer than that because the rains cool things off. During the rainy season, from June to October, it will usually rain for about an hour or two and then is sunny the rest of the day. Humidity is a little higher in the summer because of the rains, but never hot and humid like the coast.

In the fall, the weather is very much like summer, but with less rain. Sometimes it is even a little warmer, but in late October and November the late night/early morning temperatures start dropping, first to 50, then by december to 40. When the rains stop, usually October, there is less humidity, but again, it is never too dry.

The humidity is is never too high and never too low. It is usually between 40 and 70 percent, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. It does not get hot and humid together like down on the coast. And it is never dry like San Miguel de Allende. When the humidity is too low, my nose gets very very dry, and when it is high, my hair gets very frizzy…this NEVER happens here in Tzintzuntzan. WE have a very moderate humidity, and it is one of the things I love about this area.

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  1. Peter Shandera says:

    Liliana, this is a nice touch. Really helps me better understand the weather at one of my favorite listings. I am surprized that is has not sold. I would love to buy this place and can’t convince Jadin to move to Mexico.

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