Why you should ask for a CLG before you buy property.

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez


A realtor license or a real estate degree is not mandatory yet in order to perform real estate services in México. Some professional asociations like AMPI (Mexican Asociation of Real Estate´s Professionals) are making efforts to educate their members. Some independent professionals (as myself) have got the “cedula profesional” a certification degree in Mexican real estate issued by the Mexican government.

There are also a huge amount of owners selling their own properties, so now, more than ever before you should be aware of the minimum paperwork that needs to be gathered to protect your investment.  One of those papers is the CLG, and trust me, it will save you future “headaches” (learn from my mistakes) .

CLG  is “certificado de libertad de gravámenes” (means certificate of free liens) and is issued by Registro Público de la Propiedad (public recording office). CLG will certify that the property you intent to buy is free and clear of any leans or it will show all the encumbrances or any other reason why you should not buy it.

Any person could ask for a CLG, the procedure is as follows:

1.- Fill out the form and present it at the first floor.

2.- Pay the fee for 20 years (recommended).

3.- Return the receipt and the form.

4.- They will tell you when to pick up your CLG. If you pay for “servicio urgente” it will be ready the same day about 3 pm, otherwise it will take one week to 10 days.

RPP (Registro Público de la Propiedad) is located in Morelia at:

avenue Heroes de Nocupétaro 833, Downtown Morelia

My final advice:  the only way to have your interests & your investment protected is by having  attorney representation, all the way in the process.

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