Why Michoacan will become Mexico’s #1 retirement destination

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez


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Why is Michoacán unique and why should a broker be interested? John Glaab (Linda´s husband) has sent me the following list:

  • Michoacán, the world’s avocado capital  abounds with agricultural richness
  • Rich in culture and crafts, taught by the Spanish clergyman Don Vasco
  • Great Year Round, Livable Climate
  • Morelia, the capital is less than a five hour drive from Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo
  • The state has a network of auto pistes ( high speed highways)
  • International flights serve Uruapan and  Morelia
  • The only olive trees in Mexico are  found on the grounds of the former convent at Zintzintzun
  • Morelia is the place for  many cultural events and festivals
  • The meseta Purepecha is rich in tradition and indigenes culture
  • Lake Zirahuen is the deepest lake in Mexico
  • Lake Patzcuaro has an Island with a statue of Morelos a Mexican patriot, that is taller than the Statue of Liberty
  • The coast of Michoacán reminds one of Big Sur
  • At night Morelia is a city of lights with its  spectacular XVIth century buildings lit up
  • Morelia is named after the great Mexican patriot, Morelos, one of the leaders of the revolution
  • The state has the  first hospital for Indians in the new world and the oldest music school
  • On the coast, the port of Lazero Cardenas is quickly outpacing L.A. and Long Beach
  • Michoacan has its own special Mexican cuisine
  • The village of Paracho produces world class guitars and violins
  • Paricutin is the volcano that erupted in 1943
  • There are more than 6,000 extinct volcanoes in Michoacán
  • Unlike some of the beach areas, there are many affordable properties for sale

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10 Responses to Why Michoacan will become Mexico’s #1 retirement destination

  1. Jessica G. Aguallo says:

    I am looking for a retirement facility for my senior citizen parents in Michoacan. Can you please send me information if you are able to help me with this.

    • Liliana Elena Gonzalez says:

      I know about some nursing homes in Morelia, but they are not bilinguals. If that´s useful, I will send you the info asap. Regards, Liliana.

  2. i am saving money for my retirement because i want to enjoy most of my time as an old man.*,’

  3. Sarah Sanchez says:

    I am interested in the nursing homes you mentioned in Morelia. I have in laws in Patzucaro who are getting to the point that they need more help.
    Any info you have would be great.

  4. Liliana Elena Gonzalez says:

    Hello Sara: Here is the info for 2 nursing homes in Morelia:

    1.- Casa Hogar de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. Address: Calle Eucalipto número 349, Fraccionamiento los Ángeles

    2.- Casa Hogar Miguel Hidalgo. Address: Av. Acueducto 1953. Phone: 314 8277.

  5. cecilia laris says:

    Tenemos disponible una confortable y bellisima casa en las afueras de Uruapan para casa de retiro para personas de la tercera edad. Estamos iniciando negociaciones con geriatras y personas interesadas en el cuidado de estos pacientes. Nos interesa mucho establecer comunicación con personas dedicadas a este tema.

  6. Liliana says:

    Hola Cecilia,

    Nos puedes dar mas información? Tienen sitio Web? Hablan inglés?


  7. Patricia Mazal says:

    Hola Cecilia, me puede dar mas informacion acerca de la casa en Uruapan para gente de tercer edad. Estoy muy interesada para mi mama. Vivo en Patzcuaro. Gracias, Patti Mazal

  8. jose bedoy says:

    Hola ando buscando un nursing home en o sercas de puruandiro michoacan y tambien un centro de dialysis. Por favor alludeme se le pagara por la informacion el paciente esta en los Angeles CA. Gracias
    Mi nombre es jose Bedoy. 562 522-7124

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