The Escrow Service in Mexico

By Liliana Elena González


The Escrow Service In Mexico is a Workshop conducted in English by Liliana Gonzalez

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As a foreigner, how can you safely transfer the money to buy a property in Mexico?

Would you like to know the escrow procedure in Mexico before you even start looking for properties?

Have you been thinking about selling your home, but you are concern about getting your money in USD?

Buying or selling your house in “Trato Directo” (FSBO) could be a lot of fun…, if you know closing procedure rules in Mexico.

Get all the answers to these questions and a lot more attending MEXATUA Escrow Workshop.

escrow workshop1

Avoid this type of pitfall by equipping yourself with the right information before you buy.

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As a buyer, you will learn how to:

  • Protect your money until you have your new deed signed
  • Avoid price increasing in the property due the exchange rate
  • Avoid having to pay notary’s fee in cash at closing
  • …and more

As a seller, you will learn how to:

  • Have your money secured before you sign the new deed
  • Have the property price paid in USD
  • Have the property price deposited directly in your US bank
  • …and more

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  • Foreigners looking to buy property in Mexico
  • Owners interested in selling their property in Mexico
  • People seeking to buy or sell real estate in “trato directo” (FSBO)

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Liliana Gonzalez conducts the Workshop in English.

Place: Espejo 83 Downtown Patzcuaro

Date: Friday August 5th at 11 am

Bonus: Drinks and snacks provided at the end of the workshop

Price: FREE (mandatory registration)

We will send an email confirming your seat within 24 hours upon receipt of your registration request.

About Liliana:

Liliana Gonzalez is a Real Estate Attorney & Broker in Michoacan. She holds the Mexican real estate degree TSUCI, the EC0110 Federal Certification and a Certified Translator authorization, all granted by the Ministry of Education in Mexico (SEP). Liliana teach real estate courses online and is an indie author in

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2 Responses to The Escrow Service in Mexico

  1. Janno Arellano says:

    Quiero vender una propiedad en Morelia.
    Me gustaría saber como funciona el “escrow”. Yo radicó en Texas y quiero asegurar que una vez firmado el trato el dinero este depositado en mi cuenta de banco en Estados Unidos

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