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By Liliana Elena Rodríguez It was a very nice Sunday morning when we arrived to the hotel Fiesta Inn in Morelia. There we met a lively realtor’s group which was very excited

A Glimpse of Michoacan, an area where there is much growth and potential.

By Linda Neil Tour agenda: DEPARTURE TIME: 8:00 a.m. Lobby, Hotel Fiesta Inn, Morelia. We will travel ten to fifteen minutes to a home in the historic center of Morelia where we

Why Michoacan will become Mexico’s #1 retirement destination

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez @mexatua Join Linda Neil and me in the one day tour & realtors®  networking session Glimpse of Michoacán, the Real México! Why is Michoacán unique and why should a

A magic Town named Patzcuaro

By Liliana Rodriguez The origins of the city now considered “magic town” have to be traced back to the 1324. It was the first capital of the Purepecha Empire, which was replaced

Mexatua Tour Day 1: Discovering Patzcuaro

By Lucille Arneson Mexatua Real Estate sponsored a four-day tour of properties for sale in the environs of Patzcuaro led by the owner-broker, Liliana Gonzalez. Day 1 Hostal Xandesti Our first stop