Semana Santa in Uruapan

Uruapan, Michoacan has many treasures to enjoy year round. They range from natural and cultural beauty to its very diverse cuisine.

The Purepcha Indians have made major contributions to the culture and the cuisine. At the end of Calle Corregidora is the Mercado de Antojitos. Here you can enjoy many native dishes such as AtoleCarnitasPozoleSopa Tarasca and special tasty dessert dishes and pastry. The Hotel Plaza Uruapan has fine dining to satisfy all taste buds.

The Parque National is just five blocks from the main plaza. It has hundreds of water falls, some God made and others by humans. These are created as the Rio Cupatitziorushes though the city.

Semana Santa (Holy Week in 2015  is  March 25 to April 3) is a special time to be in Uruapan. Artisans from over 25 villages come to exhibit and sell their wares, filling the four block long main plaza. These range from copper items from Santa Clara del Cobre, guitars from Paracho, wood carvings from Pichaturo, ceramic dishes from the shores of Lake Patzcuaro, pineapple sculpture from Patamban, primitive sculpture from Ochumicho, and from Uruapan, a special type of lacquer-like plate.

There are parades including the blessing of the palms. At night dancers come from Uruapan’s eight barrios to perform at the Casa de La Cultura. On Palm Sunday, Purepecha people will be on the patios of the two main churches, near the main plaza. These areInmaculada and San Francisco.

They will also be seen at the Huatepera. This building was the oldest hospital in the America’s for Indigenous people. The patios will be lined with embroidered articles for sale. At the Fabrica de San Pedro, winning works of crafts will be seen and also available for sale.

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