Santa Clara del Cobre in Michoacán

By Liliana Elena Rodríguez

In pre-colonial times, the natives who inhabited this region used to give very high importance to the mineral veins that existed there, because they needed the copper to elaborate different everyday use articles, ornaments and tools (sometimes also made with gold).

Due to its location in the state’s mining area, the city was founded in 1521 with the name of Santa Clara (this was because of the convent established there) de Acuero by the friar Martín de Jesús. The name of Santa Clara de los Cobres was officially given in 1553.

Vasco de Quiroga was very important for the development of the place, because he introduced the natives into a working system and he showed them new techniques to treat the metal.

The city changed its name 2 more times, but in the 90’s it came back to the actual name.

As the name says, Santa Clara del Cobre is famous for the production of several crafts made with copper. These objects are handmade with different techniques by the local artisans. The most common are jugs, plates, pans, etc.

The city is full of workshops.

In Michoacán, the place is famous due to José Rubén Romero, a writer who located there the story of his book “La Vida Inútil de Pito Pérez” (The Useless Life of Pito Pérez).

Santa Clara itself is a tourist attraction, because of the beauty of its streets, buildings and squares, including the main square that has a marvelous kiosco made of copper.

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