Reviewing and Translating Real Estate Documents

Liliana Gonzalez provided us with legal and translation services for our recent land purchase in Patzcuaro, Mexico. We live in California and handling this sort of transaction without Liliana’s help would have been very difficult. Much of the negotiations and discussions needed to be carried out in Spanish and her help in reviewing and translating real estate documents and providing answers to our questions during the lengthy purchase process was invaluable. Liliana worked directly with our realtor and worked diligently to find a Notario to write the Escritura who would not charge exorbitant legal fees. Near the end of the transaction when our presence in Mexico was going to be necessary to finalize papers, we decided to give Liliana power of attorney to sign on our behalf. Since we live and work in Northern California, the cost of frequent trips to Patzcuaro and Morelia would not have been economically feasible. Therefore, we feel that Lilian’s fees were very reasonable, for it was not necessary for us to be present even for the signing of the Escrituras.

Arthur Newmark and Larry DeDionisio

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