Real Estate Market in Morelia, Patzcuaro and Surroundings

Morelia, Patzcuaro,Capula,Monarch Butterfly and Corazon de DuraznoMorelia, Patzcuaro and surroundings is a highly appreciated colonial area, full of history and tourism. Patzcuaro, Santa Clara del Cobre, Tzintzuntzan, Cuitzeo, Tacambaro, Angangueo, Tlalpujahua and Jiquilpan have the Pueblo Mágico denomination; Morelia´s downtown is World´s Heritage by UNESCO. Pirekuas, Day of the Dead celebrations and Purepecha kitchen were also declared cultural World´s Heritage by UNESCO. The Meseta Purepecha is rich in culture and crafts, taught by the Spanish bishop Don Vasco de Quiroga. Actually La Ruta Don Vasco is a cultural tourism product.

Morelia has several International Festivals during the year such as Film Festival, Food and Wine, Music, Organ, Dance, Guitar and more.

The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage natural area in 2008. It is located in a forest of oyamel fir trees in Angangueo. No wonder Michoacan has been called “The Soul of Mexico”.

All these reasons and many more (climate, avocados, handicrafts, guitars and globos de cantoya in Paracho, masks, pottery, archeological sites), have appreciated properties and increase prices. However, the financial crisis worldwide has affected this area and some owners are motivated to negotiate prices. Also, the exchange rate could work in buyers’ advantage.

Under 50k usd

3347 Square Feet Lot in Patzcuaro  (priced in pesos)

Lake View One Level Fixer Upper House  (priced in pesos)

1614 Square Feet Lot in Downtown Patzcuaro (priced in pesos)

Under 150k usd

One Level Home in Patzcuaro (priced in pesos)

Under 200k usd

2,152 sq. feet House in Downtown Patzcuaro

Downtown Morelia 3 Bedroom House & Apartment

Under 250k usd

La Joya at Corazon de Durazno is For Sale (4 bed)

Central Courtyard & Garden, 3 bedroom Home in Patzcuaro (priced in pesos)

Stylish Home in Corazon de Durazno Gated Community

Under 350k usd)

House with Spacious Garden & Outdoor Dining in Santa Maria de Guido (priced in pesos)


One Level 5 bedroom Residence 10 Minutes Far From Morelia  (priced in pesos)

Hectares for sale

Land in Zirahuen: 9 Hectares All services (Pine trees and Lake View)  (priced in pesos)

Commercial property

Bed & Breakfast in Patzcuaro (turn key business) (priced in pesos)

Villa Calimaya Fixer Upper XX Century Building in Patzcuaro (priced in pesos)

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