One morning with nature (Rancho La Polvilla)

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez


The meeting point was in the corner of Acueduct & Camelinas Avenue in Morelia. Lourdes and Bruce were there when we arrived at 9.30 am sharp. We inmediately took the road to Ciudad Hidalgo. The scenery on this road called “Mil Cumbres” is awesome.

Lourdes and Bruce own 98 acres of land in the mountains of Michoacan. Their property is located 18 miles east of Morelia and it is called Rancho La Polvilla. It has microclimate, forest and spring water, so it has wonderful weather year round.

After a 25 minutes drive, we parked our cars at the entrance of the Ranch. I have heard about La Polvilla some time ago, but never been there before. My friends Paquita and Mireya joined me that morning.

We have spent about 3 hours walking through the property and talking about Lourdes and Bruce dreams about that place. The Ranch is only the firt stage in their development, they still have 78 acres left to make all of their dreams come true.

There are 16 plots in Rancho La Polvilla and most of them are sold, there are only 3 lots left and 2 of them have houses already built: ready to move in. The actual Polvilla neighborhood is mainly weekenders, wealthy professionals from Morelia who love to enjoy life and nature frecuently.

Before we left, Lourdes & Bruce shared their thougths:

“I wish to see La Polvilla as an ecological community where neighbors love and nurture vegetation, water and animals. A place with a Bed and Breakfast for family and friends visitors, convenience shops, relaxing, yoga & art workshops and even a nursing home. A place to help the life of the surrounding communities by generating direct jobs and/or teaching them better skills to improve their quality of life. All in all, a sustainable development and the perfect place for retirement”. Lourdes

“For me, Rancho La Polvilla is a place of peace and tranquility with an ever changing landscape. No two days are the same at the ranch. The weather patterns are constantly changing and the site of the clouds cascading over the mountains is only trumped by watching it rain in the valley below as you stand in the sunshine. Rancho La Polvilla is truly a magical place”. Bruce

See more photos of La Polvilla.

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