National Guitar Festival in Paracho 2015

By Liliana Elena González


The XLI National Guitar Festival will be held in Paracho, August 1st through 9th, 2014. Among other activities, this year´s festival will hold the National Contest of Guitar Builders and the Estatal Contest of Michoacan Popular Toy.

There will be a Classical Guitar Contest with more than 60 participant in 3 categories: children, youth, intermediate and masters.

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This year the festival features the Pirekua Singers Encounter, the Nurio Children’s Symphony Orchestra, the Purhembe group, Mariachi Ordaz, dances and bands.

The awards ceremony will be on Sunday August 9th, at 5 pm.

The outstanding performers Martin Madrigal, Francisco Gil, Fernando Luna Mesa and José Alfredo Amezcua will attend. All concerts will be free.

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