National Guitar Festival in Paracho 2012

National Guitar Festival in Paracho 2012Por Liliana Elena González


The XXXIX National Guitar Festival will be held at Paracho, August 4th through 12th, 2012. Among other activities, this year´s festival will hold a special luthier’s contest called “Grandes Maestros” only for winners in the previous concert guitar´s makers editions.

Paracho de Verduzco in Michoacan, is a small town located about half an hour north of Uruapan on Highway 37. It has a population of about 15965 (according to the GeoNames geographical database). Paracho is well-known throughout both Mexico and elsewhere in the world as hub lutherie. This is because they are reputed to make the best sounding guitars and vihuelas in all of Mexico since the 19th century.

The whole town is involved in the guitar industry, there are small factories and storefronts dedicated to the production of guitars and or guitar parts in all streets. Many of the stores and workshops allow visitors to watch the guitar-making process directly. Some instruments that can be found in Paracho are: 10-string mandolins, armadillo-backed guitars (concheros), harps, cellos, rock guitars, mandolins, acoustic bass guitars, as well as regular classical guitars, bajo sextos, vihuelas guitarrons and many others.

Paracho has plenty of guitars to choose from, from the remarkable bargain to the finest work of art from award-winning masters. Lauded as producing the best acoustic sound anywhere, fine crafted Paracho guitars often require a several month wait to acquire. Taking as long as 70 hours of work to create by hand, a single luthier will usually make no more than 30 or 40 guitars a year

This year festival will include concerts, regional dance presentations, exhibits. art crafts tianguis and, sports & popular events. There will be 3 contests: popular toy, guitar performing and guitar´s making.


4 Responses to National Guitar Festival in Paracho 2012

  1. Francis Reidelberger says:

    nice article. my wife and i are travel film producers (for educational purposes). we are currently producing a film on michoacan and would be interested in doing some filming at the guitar festival. could you give us some details on the schedule of events? when will the various contests — toy guitars, guitar playing, guitar making — be held? any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance for your help.

    • Liliana says:

      Hello Francis,

      I don´t schedules, but you might get more info about the event at Av. 20 de Noviembre y Castro S/N. Col. Centro en Paracho or phone: (423) 52 5 12 59.



  2. Francis Reidelberger says:

    many thanks for the additional information. we’ll let you know what we find out about contest dates — if anything.
    we recently mnoved to the lake chapala area (south of guadalajara) and a number of our new friends here are also interested in attending the festival.
    perhaps we will see you there?
    thanks again.

    francis r.

    • Liliana says:

      Hi Francis,

      I will not go to the Festival this year, but if you happen to come to Patzcuaro I will be happy to have a cup of coffee and talk about this wonderful area.

      Have fun in Paracho!


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