By Liliana Elena Rodríguez

It was a very nice Sunday morning when we arrived to the hotel Fiesta Inn in Morelia. There we met a lively realtor’s group which was very excited to visit and learn about Michoacan’s culture. I knew we would get along well right away.

We started the day by going around the streets of Morelia, and as their tour guide, I pointed out all the interesting facts about the city. It was great to see that they were very interested about the facts of the colonial capital.

After having breakfast in a nice downtown house, we headed towards Zirahuen. On our way there, everybody was amazed by the beautiful landscape of the highway, and I loved that.

When we arrived to Zirahuen, the weather was cold, but the chalet we visited had a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. And I must say that the view of the lake from that place was absolutely wonderful.

The next place we visited was Patzcuaro, were we saw the beautiful main plaza and the basilica. Later, we had a delicious lunch in a beautiful house there.

I really enjoyed being able to show this magic town to the group, it truly is a place worth visiting.

The last stop in our tour was Tzintzuntzan. In there, we made a visit inside the church complex and everyone was happy and interested to learn about the Purepechas and Vasco de Quiroga.

In the end of the tour, I felt really great and pleased because all the people in the group were satisfied and happy. Also, I had the opportunity to show everyone some of the beautiful and interesting places I love of Michoacan.

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