Mexatua Tour Day 3: Discovering Santa Clara del Cobre

It´s hard to imagine the wonderful works in copper being created in Santa Clara without seeing them for oneself. We saw this dining set at the Dártesano store in Santa Clara del Cobre.

It´s hard to imagine the wonderful works in copper being created in Santa Clara without seeing them for oneself. We saw this dining set at the Dártesano store in Santa Clara del Cobre.

By Lucille Arneson

Santa Bárbara, community Project in Patzcuaro

Our first visit to a property site on day three took us to the Santa Barbara community project on the outskirts of Patzcuaro. Located about six kilometers from Patzcuaro, the countryside is a lovely picture of unspoiled beauty. There are great trees and shrubs everywhere, and wild flowers dot the landscape as far as the eye can see.

Here, the builder, Leonardo Bucio, has a well designed house under construction on one of the 63 lots planned for this development. The building materials in this house are bricks, concrete, and stucco. A buyer may select to purchase adjoining lots, if he wants to have a larger house and garden than is possible with one lot alone.

Visit to artists´ house and workshops: Jim Metcalf and Ana Pellicer

Our third stop on day 3 was at the home and workshops of world renowned artists, Jim Metcalf a sculptor, and his wife, Ana Pellicer, sculptor and painter, in the town of Santa Clara del Cobre. This visit was a highlight for me, as an artist, and as an admirer of both of these artists? works. They have a grand house with many of their works on display both inside and outside in the garden. This stop gave us the opportunity to establish the importance of the copper mining industry here and the importance of the artists creating works in copper.

Pellicer and Metcalf are very important to the town of Santa Clara as instruments to encourage education amongst the youth. They are responsible for having donated land and having had a large school built for the community.

After indulging in their offer of coffee and cookies, and conversation, we proceeded to our next stop.

Artesano show rooms in Santa Clara

It´s hard to imagine the wonderful works in copper being created in Santa Clara without seeing them for oneself. The manager of the Artesano show rooms took us through both of their locations and described and explained the processes used to meld and shape copper into works of art for everyday living and for pure pleasure. It was decidedly enjoyable to see the many items artists are creating in their workshops.

For the first time, I saw items besides sculpture, bath sinks, and cooking utensils, of which I have some, made of copper. For example, I saw headboards, tables of all sizes, chairs, kitchen sinks, kitchen cupboards, chests of drawers, lamps, and you name it. I bought a little copper bracelet!

Casa Feliz in Mesa de San Miguel

After our trip to the show rooms, we were taken to the home known as Casa Feliz in Mesa de San Miguel located in a woodsy area in the country, near the town of Santa Clara, on Carretera Turiran Street, this home is a charm. The lot size is 26,000 square meters (279,760 square feet) and the house has 280 square meters (3,013) square feet of living space. It has a large kitchen, large dining and living room area with fire place, four bedrooms, two baths, and a den. Outside is a large patio with fountain, and as with most of the new homes it has a cistern. One of the features, which I love, is the wooden shutters on all the windows. I would be tempted to buy a house for that reason alone!

When we were finished viewing the property, we were served a wonderful, tasty lunch of fried chicken, hand made tortillas and condiments. It in self was worth the trip!

Sinuhé Hernández Cervantes, the young entepreneur who owns D´Artesano joined us for lunch. We discussed the problems currently facing Mexican exports to the United States. The falling markets world-wide have greatly reduced the industry, causing severe blows to the businesses that depend on exporting their goods. One would think that the current exchange rates between the Mexican peso and the US dollar would encourage the US to import more goods from Mexico, but with the unstable markets in the U.S., it hasn´t had much of an effect as yet. In spite of this, this enterprising young man keeps his staff of designers and artisans working. There will be a new day and he´ll be ready when it comes.

Dinner at Mistongo Restaurante

Susi Santiago, the chef at this Argentinian restaurant in Patzcuaro sponsored a dinner for us at the end of the day. She served a dinner of delicious tapas along with white wine. At the end of the third day of viewing properties, some of us were beginning to feel a bit worn out, so being invited to sit at a large round table in this ambiente restaurant and partake of Susi´s tapa specialties was a real treat. If you´re in the area, you must check out this restaurant.

(This article was first published in October 2008 in my old website).

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