Meet Yolanda a Great Architect in Patzcuaro

Yolanda Vazquez

By Liliana Elena González


I have met Yolanda Vazquez several years ago when she built a house I have designed in Patzcuaro. I have used her maintenance services and architecture designs in some projects. She is very professional and I never hesitate to recommend her, that´s why I am sharing her interview here:

1. Where were you born?
In Patzcuaro, Michoacan.

2.- Why did you choose architecture?
I always liked drawing. My brother is an Engineer and I enjoyed helping him to make plans and go with him to visit the construction´ sites.

3.- Do you like living in Patzcuaro?
I love living in Patzcuaro. I did live outside 13 years. When I came back I return to my architecture work and I feel happy here. I was fortunate to work seven years at Century 21, which allowed me to understand and manage the real estate industry. Working in the real estate area makes me feel more complete in my profession because there are a lot of architecture details in it: for instance, the importance of a good design makes a property thousand times more valuable. I am still doing real estate business because I love to be in contact with people. I learn something new every day and definitely strengthen my architecture practice.

4.- Do you build in other places?
Yes, I go where the work is. I have built in Pátzcuaro and surroundings: Erongarícuaro, Umécuaro, Morelia, Zirahuén, Tzintzuntzan. I will go other places if I have to. I did work 7 years in Vallarta and I love the Vallarta architecture style, it is rustic but refined.

5.- Which has been your biggest challenge in your career?
The biggest challenge was to work with Architect Everardo Navarro. He was the project manager of large developments, such as the Time-Share of Sheraton Hotel in Vallarta. Thank God he was satisfied with my work and I am very proud of myself for that.

6.- Do you have any anecdote that you would like to share?
It is not an anecdote, it is a message I´d like to share: Success is not outside us, is inside us. We should provide our services without expecting a reward, then life will rewards us. Rewards always come in addition. If we do not limit our services, life will not limit our rewards either.

7.- What is the cost of building?
The cost of construction is defined by the style to be built: rustic, modern, minimalist, as well as the quality of materials and details. Usually there has to be a budget based on the project.

8.- Do you provide other services?
-As I mentioned before, I provide real estate services: I can advise on the purchase; sale; negotiate the price of a property and or appraisals.
-Remodeling or new projects for properties to be sold or lease.
-Property maintenance to be sold or lease.
-All kinds of advice regarding documents, to get certified deed´s copies, no liens ‘certificate, arrange bank loans, INFONAVIT or FOVISSSTE.
-I can handle Municipal Construction Licenses, INAH Licenses, Official Alignment paperwork, Official Number paperwork and water service connection.

9.- What is your greatest satisfaction as an Architect?
Leave each one of my clients satisfied. In order to do that, I have to interact with all people and I will learn from them and they have to learn something from me. I always respect the client, the supplier, the professional and workers. In this interaction we should give our best. Thus achieving successful completion of each of our jobs.

Arq. Yolanda Vázquez Murillo
Phone: 434 106 4718

Some of Yolanda´s work:

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