Meet Sofia a Wonderful Therapist and Rehabilitation Professional in Morelia

Sofia Giselle Trejo

By Liliana Elena González


I have met Sofia Giselle Trejo 3 months ago when the plaster cast was removed from my hand and arm and I was sent to her for rehabilitation. Sofia has been great in my healing process and I don´t hesitate to recommend her. That´s why I decided to interview her, so if you need her you will find her.

1. Where were you born and what did you study?

(Sofia) I was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, but since I was a little girl my family and I moved to Mexico City, where I started my studies in physical medicine and rehabilitation in the ABC Hospital. Afterwards, I transferred to the Hospital Infantil de Mexico Federico Gomez where I concluded my studies.

2. Why did you choose therapy and rehabilitation?

(Sofia) First, because I like to help people improve their quality of life, furthermore, because mine is a very noble profession which brings a lot of satisfaction, especially when you see each patient recovering and getting better every day.

3. Do you like to live in Morelia?

(Sofia) I love it! It’s a very warm city with nice and friendly people. I love its landscapes, traditions and delicious food, not to mention the clean air that can be breathed here.

4. What do you think of the medical services in Morelia?

(Sofia) They are excellent! I have direct contact with traumatologists and internists who have good work ethics and are very professional. We try to work as a team to provide our patients with high quality treatments.

5. Which has been your biggest challenge in your career?

(Sofia) Each patient is especial and unique, and each one of them represents a challenge regarding their illness. I remember a patient who represented a big challenge, but also, the biggest satisfaction I’ve ever had. Due to several injuries, some doctors said that he was not going to be able to walk again. After falling from a third floor, he had a surgery in which the doctors placed plates and screws in his spine, hip, pelvis, iliac crest bones and arms. At the beginning he could only move his eyes, then, he started to move other parts of his body, and finally, after 5 months of therapy he was able to walk and move on with his life. Today he is living in Monterrey with his wife and daughter. After four years, I bumped into him one day and couldn’t help feeling very moved while watching him walk as if nothing ever happened to him. I was really happy because his injuries couldn’t be noticed any more.

7. How much does a rehabilitation therapy cost?

(Sofia) It really depends on each patient and his evolution. For example, for a hip, knee, shoulder or hand surgery, there’s a 3 month therapy with approximately 30 sessions which cost about $600 USD ($20 USD for one hour session). For therapies regarding cervical or backbone sprains, or mild to moderate sciatic nerve injuries, it takes from 15 to 20 sessions. Therapy for a bone fracture after being immobilized, takes about 20 sessions. There are neurological conditions such as Parkinson, spinal cord injuries and cerebral vascular accidents, which healing requires longer therapies that take 5 months or more. Facial paralysis therapy, depending on the cause, takes around 2 months (20 to 30 sessions).

8. Which types of therapy can you provide?

(Sofia) For musculoskeletal injuries; facial paralysis; post orthopedic surgery rehabilitation, for example, after they place osteosynthetic material (nails, screws, wires) due to a bone fracture or after having prosthetic implants (hips, knee, shoulder); bone fractures in hand, arm, shoulder, spine, ankle, leg, hip, etcetera. I can also provide general physical conditioning to people with mild or moderate heart problems (as long as a cardiologist has prescribed such treatment).


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