Meet Adrian a Taxi Driver and Interpreter in Patzcuaro

By Liliana Elena González


I have met Adrian Pérez Guzmán last week at the notario´s office in Patzcuaro. He was acting as second interpreter in a Mexican WILL for an american couple. I have prepared a lot of foreigner´s WILLS but I was impressed by Adrian´s efforts to do the job. He was attentive and ready to respond to all and every question and concern of the testators.

Adrian is also a taxi driver and I believe he is delivering great services in the Patzcuaro area. That´s why I am sharing his interview below.

1. Where were you born and what did you study?

I was born in Mexico City on September 27th, 1979. I only studied until I finished 9th grade (I dropped out of high school after finishing freshmen year), nonetheless I have good computer skills and I can speak English up to a 70%.

2. Where did you learn to speak English?

I learned it at the IPN (National Polytechnic Institute), and at CITAX (Taxqueña English Center). Unfortunately, I didn’t finish the course and I don’t have any certificate to validate my studies.

3. Do you like living in Patzcuaro?

Of course I do, especially because here you can always find people who help one another. Kindness, warmth and politeness are a must in this city.

4. How long have you been a taxi driver?

I’ve been in the business for eight years during which I have travelled around 75% of the State, since I do more trips outside the city (to the beach or the capital, for example).

5. Do you offer any other services?

I offer package delivery, transportation driving the client’s own car and English-Spanish translations.

6. Do you have any anecdote that you would like to share?

There are many, but I always like to remember when foreign tourists are very pleased with my services, since their wishes are my command, and sometimes they are amazed to find out that in Patzcuaro there really are people who work for the tourists without trying to take advantage of them.

7. Can you share some information about the fees for your services?

My fees can vary. For example, from Patzcuaro to: Morelia $300; Morelia’s airport $550; Uruapan $350; Paricutín $500; Mexico City $2,800; Guadalajara $2,300. I must point out that those prices are in Mexican pesos and that they are only for one way trips. If someone wants a round trip the price can be negotiable.

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