Medical Care in Mexico

By David Y

One of the often overlooked advantages to living in Mexico is the quality, availability and affordability of medical care. Mexico has a large number of well-trained doctors, both general practice and specialists, and some world-class hospitals.

Fee-for-service medical care for routine procedures is readily available at a fraction of the cost for the same service in the USA. For example, an office visit with a primary care physician typically lasts for an hour or more, and costs $15 to $25 US. Mexican doctors make house calls, and often give their patients their personal cell phone number.

Hospitals, laboratories and imaging centers actively compete, posting their prices publicly. They even have sales!

Drugs are much less expensive than in the USA, and therapeutic drugs may be purchased without prescription.

Private, major medical insurance is available—at least for younger persons—at very attractive rates. There are also government-sponsored insurance plans, with many clinics and hospitals.

Most Norteamericanos will find medical care in Mexico to be as good, or even better, than they have been used to, much less expensive, and, in the opinion of many, much more caring.

Photo credits:  Líder Empresarial

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