Managing complex Mexican business transactions

Already recognizing the magic of Pátzcuaro, the “down-to-earth” experience also became magical when, at the end of a day of looking at available houses, Liliana took us to see her first “project.” This was her first try at rescuing a local house and transforming it into a usable and appealing space for north americans. We stood on a pile of construction debris, looking at architectural drawings taped to a wall, and knew we had found our dream home. Liliana never even had a chance to advertise! The architect working with Liliana on this project, Benjamin Ruan, is top-drawer, as well as fun and easy to work with. Liliana has truly done her homework; she knows what norteamericanos need, and supplies it with style and charm!. She is extremely helpful, as well, managing complex Mexican business transactions Here we sit in Portland, Oregon … amazed at our good fortune, and most happy to know Liliana.

Karin & David

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