Learning How To Live

The warm inviting colors in our house

Our house in Patzcuaro Michoacan, Mexico, connects us to those who care for it.  The warm inviting colors of lime green, Mediterranean turquoise, mango, Tibetan red and sunny yellow inside the house and our 3 cantera lions outside keep the Casa #17 energized, safe and inviting.  But it is Martin, gardener, Marisol, housekeeper, and Fernando, contractor, that do the work to make Casa #17 in Corazon de Duranzo a beautiful home to learn how to live.

Martin is eager to do what is best for the plants.  He water, plants , feed, trims, mows and takes our scraps to his compost.  A green charismatic gardener for about $55./ mo.

Cantera Zen fountain

Cantera Zen fountain

Marisol, our housekeeper is loved by all that know her here.  She balances her kindness and sensitivity with an assertive professional approach to her work.  Our many grand windows are unbelievably sparkling clean.  Floors, including the veranda are mopped, beds changed, laundry cone, dishes washed, wood polished and cabinets organized.  All this for $20- 35/ a visit.

Fernando, the contractor, worked with me to design a front yard Zen garden and our lovely white marble patio with live garden walls.  He speaks English and is easy to work with him and his team.  He is professional but like Martin and Marisol has that something extra.  I guess it is their ability to be fully present and respect of life that emanates high intelligence.

This, along with their green, clean and creative attributes, surrounds us and reminds us to slow down and

Cantera lions

Cantera lions

recognize people first.  We all know this but often as the world moves faster and faster and smart phones come between us and our experience it is nice to see Martin, Marisol and Fernando reflect back to us the art of slowing down and be in the present.  I believe our caretakers are a big reason our home is a lovely space to learn how to live so we may serve.

Teresa Wilson

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