International Fantastic & Morbid Horror Film Festival 2012

International Fantastic & Horror Morbid Film 2012

Por Liliana Elena González


The 5th edition of the International Fantastic & Morbid Horror Film Festival will take place November 15th through 18th  in Patzcuaro. The Festival has received 357 productions from Mexico, Spain, USA, Estonia, Italy, Peru, Brazil, Canada, Uruguay, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Costa Rica, France, Portugal, Australia, Austria, Finland, Japan, Argentina , South Africa, Holland and England.

Among other activities there will be a tribute to the Irish writer Bram Stoker, author of Dracula. Also classic and contemporary films about vampires, such as El Vampiro, featuring El Santo (wrestling icon in Mexico); Mexican films as Cronos by Guillermo del Toro; Alucarda, daughter of darkness by Juan Lopez Moctezuma and Vampires of Coyoacan by Arturo Martinez and two premiere vampire films Uruguay and Chile.

The venues in Patzcuaro will be Biblioteca Gertrudis Bocanegra, Casa de los 11 patios, Antiguo Colegio Jesuita, Teatro Emperador Caltzontzin and Benigno Serrato street.

Morbid 2012 will have a short film contest, a wide variety of special guests, long and short film, concerts, exhibits, lectures and workshops.

The second book published by Morbid e IMCINE will be presented as special activity. This book is dedicated to Federico Curiel a mexican composer, singer, actor, director and writer from Jalisco, who made great contributions to the Mexican fantasy and horror cinema. The book also has contributions from Rosana Curiel, Álvaro Curiel, Armando Gil Vega, Roberto Coria, Antonio Camarillo, Pepe Navar, Gonzalo Rocha, Paul Guise Koestinger and an extensive selection of photographs.

Some of the special guests are the Director Jose Luis Gutierrez Arias, David Michan, Cesar Garcia, Rodrigo Gudino, Mil Mascaras, Bernabé Palma, René Cardona III, Armando Vega Gil, Jose Luis Trueba, Eduardo Ruiz Saviñon, the Curiel family, Ezzio Avendano, Adrian Garcia Bogliano (Argentina), Ricardo Islas (Uruguay), Richard Stanley (South Africa), Russell Cherrington (England), Richard Elfman (USA), Tim Luna (Germany), P.J. Mathews (Ireland), Jeffrey Uhlmann (USA), Carles Torrens (Spain).

The prizes to be granted at the Festival are:

The golden skull (calavera dorada): Audience Award for long films

The skull of blood (calavera de sangre): Directors award for long films.

The golden small skull (calaverita dorada): Audience Award for short films

The silver small skull (calaverita plateada): Morbid Award for short films

The silver small skull (calaverita plateada): Audience Award on YouTube

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