I just bought a lot with a wonderful view of Lake Zirahuen

“I just bought a lot with a wonderful view of Lake Zirahuen. You could call it paradise. I don’t think I would have been able to find this location without the help of Liliana. I found her realty business website on the web. The website was easy to navigate. With the help of the website, we connected and made arrangements. For three days, Liliana showed us all of her available properties as well as any other available properties that may have better suited our needs. When I finally settled on the property that I liked, Liliana took care of all of the legalities. I signed over the power of attorney to Liliana. Because I live in Texas, I was unable to stay and close the deal, but Liliana took care of it all. Within ten days, Liliana closed the deal; the deeds were signed.I highly recommend doing business with Liliana, she was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She knows how the real estate business in Mexico works. With her knowledge, we now own a beautiful piece of property! Liliana is even helping us find a builder and is willing to help us with all the legalities of building the home. Thanks Liliana!”Gabriel Ramos
Amarillo, Texas

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