Guitar Festival in Paracho, August 2 to 9, 2009

Paracho de Verduzco in Michoacan, is the Guitar Capital of Mexico. The small town located about half an hour north of Uruapan on Highway 37, has a population of about 16,500. The whole town is involved in the guitar industry, there are small factories and storefronts dedicated to the production of guitars and or guitar parts in all streets.

There are also workshops and shops for harps, cellos, bass’, rock guitars, and other instruments made of wood all hand-made

CIDEG, Centro para la Investigacion y Desarrollo de la Guitarra (Center for the Investigation and Development of the Guitar) was founded in 1994. It is located about two blocks from the main plaza. It has a museum, a concert hall (free classical guitar concerts) and a school. Widely known great concert performers as Pepe Romero, Manuel Barrueco, Pavel Steidl, John Williams, Carlos Bonell, Julio César Oliva, among others have performed in this scenario.

Michoacan government, Casa de la Cultura and CIDEG will celebrate the Guitar Festival in Paracho August 2nd to 9th. Festivities will include concerts, regional dance presentations, guitar making contests, exhibits and guitar performing contest.

There will be great concerts at CIDEG, as follows:

Monday 7.30 pm Norman Ruiz & Jeffrey Warren from US.

Tuesday 7.30 pm Simone Iannarelli from Italy.

Wednesday 7.30 pm Daniel Morgade from Uruguay.

There is also a luthier’s contest during the festival. Categories are usually divided into concert, popular and guitars used for learning how to play the instrument.

Jose Luis Navarro, Francisco N., Geronimo Amezcua, Abel García, Miguel Cano, Abelino Cacari, Gildardo Monroy are some of the known luthiers in Paracho, see their pics and some beautiful Paracho photos at Hecho en Paracho website.

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  2. Diego Alonso Mejia Torres says:

    Hi there!!! i am looking for the phone number of the Luthiers Abelino Cacari, i am from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico but up to the day i can´t find the phone number of Sr. Abelino Cacari.

    If you can help me i would appresiatte.


  3. Diego Alonso Mejia Torres says:

    Thanks a lot Liliana, i appressiate your help, a did found his address but i still didnt find his phone number, i would keep trying thanks…


  4. miguel says:

    Hi, Diego: I have the telephone number from Mr. Abelino, I talk with him in past monday. The number is…… tara tara tara tara (this is rumble drums) 01 423 5-25-31-05 in Paracho Mich. (this is the Gods Land)Greetings.

  5. david chambless says:

    when is the 2010 festival?

  6. John Glaab says:

    Well jere is Liliana… Went in to look for guitar festibal dates. (2010) and theres she is…
    Anybdy have the dates?
    john Glaab

    • Liliana Elena Gonzalez says:

      Hi John, has an anouncement about the guitar contest has been cancelled for 2010. It has no explanation. I did not find any other info, but the following:

      Viernes 31 de Julio:
      Concierto de guitarra con el dúo de Norman Ruiz y Jeff Warren
      Teatro Obrero, 20:30 horas
      Entrada libre
      Zamora, Michoacán

  7. Brooke Reidelberger says:

    Does anyone know if there will be a Paracho Guitar Festival in August, 2012? Would love to go if it is still on. Thanks

  8. Gail Anderson says:

    My husband and I were in Paracho last week, and we visited with Francisco Navarro and the Silva family. They told us that this year’s festival is scheduled to begin August 4. If there is a web site it’s hard to find :-). There is a Facebook connection; Feria De La Guitarra, Paracho, Michoacan.

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