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The author has been involved with all facets of real estate transactions during her career and she is sharing  that knowledge in this 7 week course to make your real estate experience pleasant and free of problems.

This FREE course will prepare you to ask the right questions to make informed and smart decisions (sometimes, walking away form a “great deal” is the smartest move).

Table of Contents

Week 1 Introduction
Week 2 Mexican Legal system
Week 3 Real estate Procedure Check List
Week 4 What is a Notario in México?
Week 5 13 Important Documents You Must Have Before Closing
Week 6 Escrow account
Week 7 Do I need a Mexican Will?

About the author:

Liliana Gonzalez is a Real Estate Attorney & Broker in Michoacan. She holds the Mexican real estate degree TSUCI, the EC0110 Federal Certification and a Certified Translator authorization, all granted by the Ministry of Education in Mexico (SEP). Liliana is an indie author in

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