Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia- Morelia International Film Festival

By Huicho

The Morelia International Film Festival (FICM, for its acronym in spanish) is about to turn 7  and has quickly become one of the most important film  festivals in Mexico. We can just look at the fact that the winner of the short film competition will be elegible for an academy award consideration. But it is not just the prices and the celebrities it’s the whole environement around it, the accesibility and most important: the excelent selection of films.

The Film Fest was created by it’s actual president (chairman), Alejandro Ramírez Magaña (with Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Batel and Daniela Michel) , one of the most brilliant young entrepreneurs this contry has. He is also the CEO of Cinepolis, one of the biggest and most important movie theaters companies in the world, based in Morelia. From the moment he took over, he has been constantly trying to improve living conditions in Michoacan and Mexico creating “Fundacion Cinepolis” and giving working opportunities for a lot of people.

Morelia Fest was created, as you should already asume, in 2003 by a bunch of people committed to Mexico in general and specially to Morelia. And from this date they have worked to give Morelia and its international Film Festival World renown.

This year’s edition takes place between october the 3rd and october 11. It will have Rumania as the special guest country and more than 85 films will be participating.

The cost of the ticket is 35 pesos per film or 100 pesos per 4 tickets, and it goes down to absolutely nothing in the outdoor presentations. This ones are shown in different locations spread through Morelia (I think it is only in downtown). With all this, there is actually no reason to miss this great event.

There is a hidden side of FICM that i didn’t know about up until some weeks ago: Throughout the year, the festival planners organize different courses and film presentations (absolutely free) for people to learn to appreciate different kind of films. This guys are really doing something to cultivate and to encourage the taste for the seventh art.

I really hope you can come and take a look at Morelia Film Festival and at Morelia itself.

If you want to know more about Morelia Film Fest you can log on http://www.moreliafilmfest.com/en/

Ah! And don’t forget to visit Morelia.

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