Day of the Dead in Michoacan

Altares Muertos

Altares MuertosPor Liliana Elena González


Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration to honor and remember the deceased. It was considered by UNESCO the highest representation of Mexico´s living heritage and one of the most powerful, ancient and cultural expression of the indigenous people. In 2003, UNESCO declared the Day of the Dead celebration as a Masterpiece of oral and intangible human heritage.

Celebrations were November 1 and 2, but nowadays in Michoacan the different cities and towns have several days of activities, from decorations of the graves in the cemetery, to building fantastic ofrendas (memorials) to their dearly departed loved ones or visiting the various art crafts tianguis.

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The Feast of the Souls Animeecheri k’uinchekua

Decorations are made with flowers, altars are raised, spaces are purified.

Before and now

The Myth

The Rite

The Offering

The making of the altar


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