Cultural Tourism in Michoacan: Ruta Don Vasco

Por Liliana Elena González


Ruta Don Vasco (Vasco de Quiroga´s route) is a cultural tourist product about the Spanish humanist Vasco de Quiroga and the job he did in Michoacan in the XVI century. The Michoacan government has designed this route to share and disseminate Don Vasco´s humanist work performed in a natural setting and respectful relationship with a virtuous Indian people to create a new world.

Ruta Don Vasco was planned following his footsteps and it covers the Patzcuaro lake area, the Purepecha plateau and the Cañada de los Once Pueblos (eleven towns ‘Glen). This tour features architecture, legends, paintings, holidays, traditions, crafts, prehispanic cuisine and the natural beauty of Michoacan: forests, lakes and mountains.

The route´s backbones are Morelia, Patzcuaro and Uruapan, which are the three largest cities in the state. The whole route covers 122 villages.

The route includes a World Heritage City (Morelia), three cultural Heritages declared by UNESCO (Night of the Dead, traditional Mexican cuisine and Pirekuas songs), three Magic Towns of Mexico: Santa Clara del Cobre, Pátzcuaro and Cuitzeo.

Taking the Ruta Don Vasco is traveling through history, following the track of an exceptional man who 500 years ago promoted an utopian coexistence model that is still alive today in Michoacán.

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