Bosque Cuauhtemoc in Morelia (Video)

Bosque CuauhtémocBy Liliana Elena Gonzalez


The Bosque Cuauhtémoc (formerly known as Bosque San Pedro) is located on the corner of Aqueduct and Ventura Puente Avenue. It has a lot of trees, several quarry fountains, a beautiful Gazebo, the statue of Cuauhtemoc and many stone benches. The Natural History Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum are located within the Park, as well as the DIF and the Forestry Commission State´s offices. It also has areas for children with different types of swings, slides, etc.

The building of the Contemporary Art Alfredo Zalce Museum is from the nineteenth century with a significant French influence. It has two levels and 13 exhibition´s rooms. It is located on Aqueduct Avenue. It has been named after the great Michoacan artist Alfredo Zalce, whose work is part of the museum collection.

The Natural History Museum was named after Dr. Manuel Martinez Solorzano a naturalist, physician and scientist. He was the director of the Michoacan Museum for several years, doing a permanent exhibition with emphasis on environmental awareness.

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