Bello Michoacan by Jaime Adan, Great Openning in Patzcuaro

When: March 31st at 6 pm

Where: Mistongo Art & Gallery

Location: Dr. Coss 4, Downtown Patzcuaro

Jaime Adan was born in Figueras(Spain) in 1976.

Though raised in Spain until 10, he later on had the opportunity of living in various countries, thus being able to learn from different cultures, and diverse points of view, which triggered in him his love for travelling early on.

As soon as he could, he adopted a travelling way of life that would lead him around much of Europe and America for some 12 years. During which Jaime Adan developed, in a self-taught manner, a dedicated labour drawing and afterwards painting.

Dedicating his efforts in both mentioned disciplines direct from life.

While travelling, contact with life is both unique and priviledged, and so, Jaime committed himself drawing a lot of what he loved to observe, most of what he came in contact with, specially the life of most humble people.

People’s whose voice goes for the most, unnoticed, deliberately mute, from whom there is so much to be learned, remembered.

Being in contact with what one likes to draw or paint, became an essence of his artistic endeavour.

Through his travels, Adan has accomplished hundreds of commissions of the most diverse nature, thus diversifying styles and techniques freely, with ease, certainly permeating much of the works, as a positive personal stamp throughout the canvases and paper .

Jaime Adan has carried on in the past 2 individual shows of his work, one in 2005, and another one in 2007, both in his homeland Spain,, both with great succes.

This is his third show, first in Mexico.

Source: Mistongo´s email news

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