Apolo Miranda´s Exhibition at Mistongo in Patzcuaro

There is an Openning ceremony to be held next Friday July 2nd at Mistongo Gallery & Restaurant located at Dr. Coss 4 in downtown Patzcuaro.

Apolo´s Paint Collection will be exhibit from July 2nd through September 2nd 2010.

I have got Apolo´s biography along with the invitation, so I am reproduce it below:

Apolo was born in the City called Ciudad Hidalgo, which is in the State of Michoacan, located on the  pacific coast of Mexico.

“Apolo was born in the City called Ciudad Hidalgo, which is in the State of Michoacan, located on the  pacific coast of Mexico.
At early age, Apolo left home seeking adventure. After traveling throughout Mexico, he decided to backpack across the USA and Europe. He survived doing water-colors and painting Easter eggs (using acrylic). „It was more important to support my self than to create art.“ A gallery owner invited him to show his work in Neckargemünd in Germany. He recalls „ I was the only one looking at them, but I achieved my purpose which was to see Europe“.

Upon returning to Mexico Apolo lived on the southeast coast, one of the poorest areas in the country. There he worked as a journalist.  “It was a world of poverty, ignorance, corruption, human rights violations and many other social problems. My vision of the real world became a sarcastic issue in my life, there were human beings who were treated worse than animals. This forced me to look deep inside myself, to see what was in there, to criticize and analyze the forgotten part of mankind…“his artistic perfection and nature, the basic instruments for humans to survive“. Apolo discovered that finding a positive outlet to express these feelings was hard and for many years he volunteered with Amnesty International (AI).  Apolo is multi-lingual and his experiences with AI as well as his travels throughout Europe, Asia and America (the continent, because there is not country with that name), have enabled him to learn more about other cultures. Apolo never took painting seriously until 1991, when he began studying art after moving to Puebla, Mexico. It was here that he became actively involved in organizing shows because the „dinosaurs“ do nothing to support cultural development,  not even the  necessary  improvement of its primary cultural needs. “Hundreds of artists from Mexico’s lower class will never have a chance to show their potential because in my country development is a privilege reserved for society’s elite”.

Everything was going well for Apolo until November 1993 when he suffered a terrible personal tragedy that turned his entire existence upside down. This life changing event forced him to make drastic changes. He disposed of his most cherished belongings and said farewell, again, to his past, leaving all that he loved behind in Mexico again. He traveled throughout  the United States, then continued on to Europe. Later he returned  to the U.S. and established in 1997, in Chicago, his first studio as a painter. He recalls “Painting was always there but the motivation to create was gone.” It was then, in 1996 when he began to paint again.  It was hard to find a place or Gallery to show any art work, even the called Latino galleries refused his work but not the Polish Museum of America, (he remembers). His most recent work includes figurative ethnic and modern contemporary art. “For me (he adds), painting has become a passion that needs to be freed every day… creating, searching, developing, finding a message to be given is a goal of that solitude  to create; using color is like caressing the skin of a woman, you need to find the most sensitive part of it”. Everything an artist does is from the deepest elements of his essence, his feelings, his ideas and gives a reason for viewers to search and  to believe in their own essence, their roots, their identity and even their dreams and nightmares”. It is “A light in the darkness”, because it is the most profound expression, -reflection-, of yourself, forcing you to take a serious look at “the inner you”. The seventh of eleven children, Apolo is the only one to ever live outside of Mexico. His philosophy is that “A person’s success and accomplishments cannot be measured by material possessions, rather by their ability to learn to live with an understanding of others and a respect for nature. This is the essence of life, a goal and a responsibility.”

Apolo has shown and sold his paintings directly to private art collectors in Mexico, Australia, the United States and European countries.
He lives and works in Puerto de Buenavista, Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico.”

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