A realtor, an attorney, and bilingual.

Who can you trust?

It’s a difficult matter for ex-pats to find capable service providers and contractors in Mexico. More difficult to find this competence and professionalism in a bilingual attorney. Finding a professional relies on testimonials of other ex-pats and your own evaluation. Not an easy thing in any country, and definitely more difficult as an ex-pat.

I’d suggest to anyone that Liliana Gonzalez Castro meets all these criteria. A realtor, an attorney, and bilingual. I’ve dealt with Liliana for over 3 years, in every way she’s been reliable and capable. At a time when Mexico developed testing and licensing professional realtors for the first time, Liliana passed two tests to become professionally licensed – that’s a distinction very few can claim. Even before we did business together every discussion resulted in walking away saying “She’s a professional. When we need her services there just won’t be a second phone call.” Her advice on a cast of topics has been thoughtful and professional. She is so capable, in fact, that my wife and I listed our home and lot for sale with her. And, not only that, but gave her an unqualified power of attorney to sell the properties valued at over US$250,000. Now THAT’s confidence.

Specifically, she presented came out to look at and evaluate our property, discussed the plus’ and minus’ of the property, discussed and recommended a selling price, presented a listing contract, answered our blizzard of questions, listed the house on her website, listed the house on a “multi list” website of homes for sale regionally and Mexico, followed up on all showings, followed up on leads furnished her, and was open to discussions about all issues of the listings.

Looking for a professional realtor that is a bilingual lawyer as well? I recommend Liliana Gonzalez Castro!

John Powell
Santa Clara del Cobre
Texas USA

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