A Glimpse of Michoacan, an area where there is much growth and potential.

By Linda Neil

Tour agenda:

DEPARTURE TIME: 8:00 a.m. Lobby, Hotel Fiesta Inn, Morelia.

We will travel ten to fifteen minutes to a home in the historic center of Morelia where we will enjoy coffee and sweet rolls.

After a brief tour of historic Morelia where we will hear about history, land values and living style. Then we will travel to the village of Zirahuen, next to a lovely alpine lake where many foreigners are beginning to discover a fascinating lifestyle. There, we will have refreshments at a home with breathtaking views.

On to Patzcuaro where you will observe the Purepecha Indians, the lake and Janitzio Island. Mexican lunch (comida) will be served about 2:00 p.m. at the home of an expatriot who will share her living experiences with you.

After lunch we will travel on to Tzintzuntzan ancient capital of the Purepecha Indians and major center for handcrafts and culture. This is an area where there is much growth and potential.

We will have a guide on board and will also share our own photos, music and personal experiences. We are scheduled to arrive back at the Hotel Fiesta Inn about 6:00 p.m., hopefully with a bus full of happy Michoacan visitors!

Want to see where you are going?  Check out a map of the area.

Clothing: The mornings and afternoons can be cool. Be casual and comfortable for you may want to walk a bit and do bring a sweater!

Registration and Payment: $35.00 USD, cost recovery only. You may wish to pay on-line.

SPACE AVAILABLE! We still have a few seats available! Please let your friends and colleagues know about this special event!

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