A City Within a City

Altozano in MoreliaBy John Glaab,CIPS
A mega project is underway in Morelia, the state capital of Michoacan. According to developer Francisco Medina, the commercial component at Altozano, it will be the largest in Latin America. The commercial area will include a convention center and four hotels, department stores and a modern state of the art health club. Club Altozano.
Altozano includes an Olympic size swimming pool. Twenty thousand homes are scheduled to be constructed. More than 3,000 have already been sold.  There is an outdoor theatre seating 10,000 with a view of the city. It will be used for artistic, music and cultural events.  Five hundred trees have been planted at the development. Businesses in places such as Mexico City and Guadalajara are being invited to locate their head offices at Altozano.
Plans for promotion to the United States and Canada are on hold pending the end of the Global Economic Crisis. Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderon inaugurated the mega project on September 29th  While in the city, the Mexican president also participated in events celebrating the 245th Anniversary of the death of Morelos, who was a hero in Mexico’s struggle for independence.
Morelia has become known as “Latin America’s Illuminated City.” This is due to the nightly lighting of its XVIth Century buildings such as the majestic cathedral and its many historic monuments.

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