2013 CantoyaFest International Festival In Paracho

CantoyaFest 2013 Paracho

CantoyaFest 2013Por Liliana Elena González


The Globos De Cantoya International Festival aka CantoyaFest will be held in downtown Paracho, July  20 and 21, 2013. This Festival aimed for the World´s Cultural Heritage recognition of Globos de Cantoya.

In this eighth Edition Brazil, Colombia, France, El Salvador and Mexico will have a World Meeting of ballooners to establish rules and regulations for the ballons tradition.

Cantoya (or cantolla) balloons are big balloon made out of thousands of china paper sheets (from 4 to 2000 or more) and  impelled to the sky by a hot device.

This year festival will include a children´s contest and adults contest.  The contest is national with participants from several states within Mexico and several categories: Sapichito, Tsipani (children), Tsitsiki (women), Itsi, sun, moon, earth, galaxy and the newer category p´urhe (to activate creativity). The contest has several rules and monetary prizes from 500 pesos up to 8000 pesos.

The whole event will have workshops (to learn hoe to build these ballons), dances, theater, concerts and exhibitions of Globos de Cantoya.  During the weekend hundreds of Globos will be  flying through the sky in Paracho. This eighth edition will include traditional Michoacan women´cooks and artcrafts.

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