2011 Globos De Cantoya National Festival In Paracho

By Liliana Elena Gonzalez


Paracho is a small town in the mountains of Michoacan,located west of Morelia (1.5 hour driving) and Patzcuaro (about 40 minutes driving). It has a population around 16,500 and it is also known as the Guitar capital of the World,because more than half of their population is devoted to produce  guitars and mandolins.

Brazil is again invited to the festival. Brazilians have a lot of experience in building cantoya balloons (big balloon made out of thousands of china paper sheets – from 4 to 2000 or more –  impelled to the sky by a hot device). They don´t know exactly the origins of these artisan heritage,they believe it was start in honor of San Juan during the Fiestas Juninas in June and July in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. They recall las Turmas (balloon makers´team) built Globos de Cantoya up to 70 meters tall and some of them with fire works to blow up in the sky. Read more about it at La Jornada Michoacana.

This year festival will take place Saturday July 23rd and Sunday 24th, 2011 in the Casa de la Cultura Uantaperakua located in the main plaza.

As every year,there will be a contest with participants from several states within Mexico and Colombia & Brazil as the special International participants invited. The contest will have several categories: children, women, sun, moon, earth and galaxy.

The whole event will have conferences,workshops (yes,you can learn how to build them!), dances, theater, concerts and exhibitions of Globos de Cantoya. Saturday & Sunday hundreds of Globos will be  flying through the sky in Paracho.


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    muy bue evento me gusta mucho

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