10 Important Documents You (Buyer) Must Have Before Closing

Por Liliana Elena González


If you have buyer´s agent, make sure he/she is an attorney, or a certified Mexican Realtor. However, nowadays more than ever, owners are selling their properties by themselves and buyers are brave enough to risk their investment buying with no appropriate legal representation.

If you are one of those “brave hearts” mentioned above, this post is for you. I have written this list to help you a little bit, but nothing will substitute legal advice in your particular case.

Anyway, make sure seller provides the following documents:

1.- Certificate of free liens (CLG: certificado de libertad de gravamen)

2. – Predial (yearly taxes) payment receipts for the last 5 years

3. – Water payment receipts for the last 5 years (or a certificate of “no debt”)

4. – Payment receipts for services such as phone line, cable TV, Skype, Dish or similar.

5. – Cancellation letter for any service installed in the house that you don´t wish to continue.

6. – Liquidation letter for each worker of the house, like gardener, house cleaning person, etc.

7. – Certificate of número oficial (if the house number does not match the escritura).

8. – Certificate of IMSS payment (if the house was built within the last 5 years).

9. – Certificate of “terminacion de obra” (if the house was built within the last 3 years).

10. – Builder´s agreement or any other document stating building warranties, no payments owed and so on.

Some of these might not apply to your purchase but better be safe than sorry. Don´t you think?

Finally, my advice on this matter is: get appropriate legal representation please.

7 Responses to 10 Important Documents You (Buyer) Must Have Before Closing

  1. Michael Yanoff says:

    i have the horror story beating all other horror stories. i bought a beautiful almost 20 hectares (19.54) piece of property back in 2005 by the Pacific Ocean in Lazaro Cardenas from a Mexican family with ten older children. i set up a non-profit Mexican corporation to put the land in the name of and in my Mexican will, the land basically becomes the property of the Mexican children and children all over the world. My intention has been to build an Escuela de Sabiduria and a Children’s Research Hospital with the help of donations. The lawyer at the time of the purchase did not obtain a servidumbre that could be registered legally. Up to now a member of the family who is bi-lingual told me over a four year period (now going on five years) she would act as a liason between other members of her family and me to get a legal servidumbre has done absolutely nothing except delude me into believing she was helping me. i finally hired a lawyer and we shall see what happens as in the Escrituras, it says a servidumbre will be made available plus the law requires a servidumbre unless this has changed. The amazing thing is i want to name the school after these children’s parents and the three children that could have helped me have done absolutely nothing. Plus the family owns a lot of beachfront property next to me and their beach remains filled with basura washed up from the ocean. Meanwhile the tortuga eggs are being dug up by locals that live near by and taken although against the law, a problem i will be solving once i have access to the land as i will place security cameras along the beach in strategic spots. i love Mexico and have had wonderful experiences with Mexican people. i just bought the land from the wrong family and had an inexperienced lawyer at the time. INSURE YOU HAVE A SERVIDUMBRE THAT CAN BE LEGALLY REGISTERED WHEN APPLICABLE NEEDS TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST OF TEN!!! Plus if you know a good honest reasonable bi-lingual lawyer in Lazaro Cardenas, please tell me

  2. Liliana says:

    Hello Michael,

    Every case is different and I am sure we will be adding more items later. I am so sorry you did not have professional representation. I don´t know any lawyer in the Lazaro Cardenas area, sorry.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I hope it will help our readers.

    Kind regards,


    • Michael Yanoff says:

      Do you happen to know the hours and/or the telephone number of the Registro Publico de la Propiedad in Morelia? Could you recommend a good bi-lingual attorney in Lazaro Cardenas?


      • Liliana says:

        Hello Michael,

        I have sent you an email with the RPP info, but here it is: address is Heroes de Nocupétaro 833, downtown Morelia. Business hours 9 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday. Phone: 443 317 8623.

        I don´t know any lawyer in the Lazaro Cardenas area, sorry.

        Kind regards,


  3. […] write the place, date and hour and his/her whole name and number. Stated all declarations and documents submitted by parties. Relate at least the last escritura with Registro Publico numbers. Complete description of another […]

  4. mike Seaburn says:

    My wife and I just sold a small part of real estate she inherited after her aunts funeral . There were some shady types of lawyers making claims that we needed to pay to have them look up the filing with the registry i think in Morelia , this happened after 1st hiring two lawyers the 1st of which told us the property and estate had/was filed on behalf of my wife ( as she inherited such and paid a local lawyer to file all the necessary papers) others told us he didnt file it so we hired another even went to Maravatio to a notery and paid for addittional documentation. Now the second lawyer we alrready paid to insure such was done properly says he has to go to morelia to verify the filings we done. The house we inherited is in Tlalpujuhua , Michoacan .Can we look for these records online?

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